dilluns, 11 d’abril del 2011

Meeting the Greeks

Last Wednesday 30th March a group of Greeks visited our school in order to get to know more about Spanish people, culture and educative system. At first, when our teacher Rosa Marin told us that the Greeks were coming to our school we got absolutely happy because we were really proud of being chosen to do this task.
First of all, we were divided into small groups so that we could share information about our school system. At the beginning ,we all were very shy and didn’t know what to say but, finally, we could have an interesting conversation with the Greeks. They showed us some images of their country and school and some girls delighted us with a traditional dance.
Later on, we lead them from the sports centre to the swimming pool of the school. As we finished this visit, we went on a touristic route to the centre of Barcelona. We went from the Cathedral to the Jewish neighbourhood with one of our school teachers, who writes books about the history of our city , and ,fortunately, he could tell us about some stories which had taken place in the places that  we were visiting at the moment .
While we were going down Ferran street we could talk to the Greeks about our hobbies and we found out that their interests were similar to ours. The visit came to its end when we arrived at the Liceu and we said goodbye hoping that we would see each other again in the future.
Maybe this visit has helped us to know more things about European teenagers and has proved that nowadays English is essential to make contact with foreigners because if we hadn’t spoken English, we wouldn’t have been able to live that marvellous experience with the Greeks as they didn’t have a clue of Spanish.

Rubén Delgado
Ignasi Borrell 2on Batx C